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At Personal Touch, my team specializes in removing the toughest stains from carpets! My 12-step process has been proven as the most effective method of treating hard to remove stains, odors, debris, and everything else from carpet fibers. Additionally, my deep cleaning service ensures that every dirt particle is removed – leaving you with a carpet that looks better than the day you purchased it. Contact Personal Touch today if you need a residential or commercial carpet cleaner in Canton, OH.

Just like every other aspect of the home, carpets need to be maintained frequently in order to keep them in good condition. However, only a few homeowners call on the service of a professional carpet cleaner regularly. Usually, homeowners will wait until disaster strikes in the form of a wine or coffee spill to call a professional. Give my company a call anytime for professional cleaning!

Since stains are caused by a number of different solutions and substrates, my technicians use different techniques to treat each unique stain. For instance, a wine stain is highly acidic, and a rust stain is often a result of iron oxidization. My comprehensive 12-step process addresses each aspect of removing these stubborn stains.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services – A 12 Step Process
• Pre-inspection
• Pre-vacuum
• Furniture moving
• Pre-spot
• Pre-spray
• Pre-groom
• Extract and rinse
• Neutralizer
• Post-spot treatment
• Post-groom
• Post-cleaning inspection
• Walk the carpet with client

My affordable carpet cleaning has made me and my company one of the top cleaners in our area! My results-driven, client-focused practices have satisfied countless clients in the area. Between pet odor treatments and highly-acidic stain removal, I have a reputation for high-quality service.

Contact Personal Touch today and schedule professional stain removal!

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